In our next illustration editorial we present four icons of the track cycling. Four wheel discs are mounted on some of the Olympic track cycling pictograms which we found in the newer history of the Olympic games.

HED., Campagnolo Ghibli 23M, Fir and Mavic Comete are all the symbols of the 1980s track racing competitions. Very often, discs are the most expensive and most beautiful parts on the bikes. They are proud of the owners and a symbol of the cycling power. In their design, the new technologies meet the riders needs of the fast and aerodynamic. In 1980s, the discs became very popular in track cycling sport and these four examples represent the finest of the cycling design. For example Campagnolo Ghibli M23 designed in 1986 and Mavic Comet from the year 1985 represented both the revolution in the form of racing wheels of the time.

In our editorial the legendary wheels meet the legendary Olympic icons. Mavic meets Munich 1972 by Otl Aicher, Fir Seoul 1988, Campagnolo meets Beijing 2008 and HED. our own version inspired by some other Olympic games icons.

Through our editorial we celebrate 1980s aesthetic of the track racing as well as timeless graphic design.