Famous Italian architect and designer, founder of Domus magazine, Gio Ponti (1891 - 1979), is one of our heroes. His unique approach for interior design and architecture during the 1950s is the perfect example of the period Italian design sensibility. Among some of his masterpieces such as Planchart and Arreaza houses in Caracas he created a less known interior gem in Stockholm.

Some times ago I visited this Ponti`s building of the Italian institute in Stockholm which was built in his specific "diamond" style which characterizes all of his buildings from this period. 1950s structure hides wonderful Ponti-designed interiors where color and abstract shapes play their prim. Architect`s own furniture, lights and textile customized for this interior only create together visual symbiosis in which architecture and design become colorful painting almost. This illustrates Ponti`s artistic approach to design and architecture where everything together becomes big modernist "gesamtkunstwerk".

This creative attitude is seen in villa Planchart in Caracas most. But in the Italian Institute he created it in the public spaces. So everybody can enjoy his poetic organic and colorful vision.