One of many illustrations from our presentation Pecha Kucha night in Prague last month presented the iconic cycling design of Campagnolo Delta brakes. This component is more than cult for us.

Campagnolo is one of the celebrated Italian cycling companies since its establishing in 1933 in a Vicenza workshop. Delta brake was developed much more later in 1986 as a part of the new C-Record components group.

Delta has a very original organic shape of the body covering articulated parallelogram mechanism that moved the brake shoes toward the rim by expanding outward and pushing one the upper portion of the brake arms. The brakeset provided very good stopping power offered by the mechanical advantage of the internal mechanism. But in the first year of production came some problems with the mechanism. In the next years Campagnolo developed some new features for the better use. The five versions were designed to eradicate some technical problems. After that Campagnolo eventually revamped their component line, introducing a working indexing system and the new Record, Chorus, and other groups.

Delta record is a beautiful example of Italian design and engineering. Despite its problems with the function, the brakeset is the icon of its time, which was used by many cycling champions.