At Tempelhof, unique airport from war era, where was held between 9. 6. and 13. 6. 2010 the main exhibition event of Berlin design week, we met young dutch design paar Daphna Issacs and Laurens Manders. They showed there own serie of lamps called Tafelstukken made of porcelain and oak. For their precise form and pure aesthetic these lamps won one of three main prices of the DMY.

Daphna and Laurens will be our next great collaborators in the second issue of our OKOLO magazine also. There are some their immediate perceptions from this year Berlin design festival:

"Of course our DMY award.. We are so happy for it... My first time in Berlin and second stay there for Laurens. So our experience from the city was very strong... Yaam, little Jamaica in Berlin. It is great to see that nowadays it is possible to have these kind of places in the city. It is a kind of Jamaican republic Am Spree... DMY festival, which was a great and relaxed experience. And thanks to all the exhibitors and visitors with their great reactions!... Our cardboard jugendgasthaus, a real experience! No, it wasn't made from cardboard, but the noise was terrible!"

Thank You for it.