Las month our friends from Ex Lovers studio gave us this very nice catalogue called Proben, which illustrates 19 experimental vehicles create at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg between 1983 - 2009.

The books realized by Lutz Pankow, Alexander Holtkamp and Leonhard Angerer is full of experimental vehicle prototypes including bikes, rollers, motorcycles, surfboard, car or sledges. Exact black and white pictures of these machines are completed with pure graphic solutions and create very strong minimalist looking book.

From the most interesting vehicles we found in the book, is for example the bike from 1983 by Erich Münkel made out of aluminum and steel with very nice minimalist details or special water concept of the Hydrofoil by Leonhard Angerer. But what we like most, is the light motorcycle called All dreams are made of chrome, made also by Angerer. It is aerodynamic motorcycle made out of special steel frame and some recycled bike parts.