The curatorial installation presents one of the less known modernist masterpieces of the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa. Casa Tabarelli was designed by Scarpa for the Tabarelli family in the late 1960s and became an architecture treasure, full of art and design gems. The OKOLO team has visited the house in 2011 and made pictures, videos and other documentation of the space. Now, OKOLO presents the house through an artistic installation offering a visual journey around the house, its furnishings, legends and life and work of its owners. The exhibition Casa Tabarelli Re-interpreted was created for the Sklada furniture showroom and gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Concept: OKOLO

Graphic design: Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss

Texts: Adam Štěch

English proof reading: Zuzana Těťálová

Production: Sklada

Installation: OKOLO, Eia Nedkov

Print: Signpek

Thanks: Antonello Tabarelli de Fatis