As a part of her graduate project at AAAD in Prague, our friend and designer Michaela Tomišková, has created this glass object symbolizing her journeys between the glass manufactures.

Why? Because her collection of glass lamps called Breath Made which is the main part of her graduate project is made out of different glass making techniques in two Czech legendary glass manufactures between them is the distance almost 200 km.

"I have created this object as a symbol of my traveling between two different glass manufactures.", says Michaela. Her light objects were made at Moser in Karlovy Vary and at Kavalier in Sázava. In the first were made all the crystal parts which are connected to the very subtle Simax glass of Kavalier.

The result is a very poetic collection of the glass table lamps, as well as this object symbolizing glass factory in the Czech landscape.