We love collaborations that are born with passion, good feeling and friendship. That is also a collaboration between our very own furniture label ACE from Lausanne and father of the famous design duo, Bouroullec brothers.

“Mid April last year, in the Basso Bar of Milan, Erwan Bouroullec imparted to us that his father Gabriel, a young retiree, had been devoting his time for a few years to making wooden spoons. In a small wood working shop in his Brittany house, he sculpts each board, branch or scrap of wood that he finds, to give birth to a spoon, always unique," one of the founders of ACE Camille Blin talks about this unique collaboration.

From the beginning ACE is interested in the production of simple wooden furniture and accessories. So the idea of production of a series of unique "not designed", but just made wooden spoons was very attractive for them. The collaboration was born and Gabriel Bouroullec produced many naturally curved spoons for ACE until today.

"Impatient to discover this production in real life, we met Gabriel shortly after in his sons’ studio in Paris. During this interview, he revealed a series of spoons, each of a different shape made in wood of many species. He showed us how he sculpted them and how their design was related to the veins in each piece of wood he held in his hands. A collaboration between Gabriel and ACE became obvious because the spoons seemed both different from our line in their design but in the end very similar in their radical approach," continues Camille.