One of the four brilliantly manufactured wooden pads, which form the whole body of the Osso chair. In its shape we can recognize the typical shape style logic of the Bouroullec brothers. The same formal theme we can see in the sculpture of the bird created for Vitra. The inspiration for it designers found in the famous Eames House Bird by Charles and Ray Eames also producing by Vitra.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are the best "star designers" for us today. We do not like these types of stars in design, but Bouroullec brothers are in their big game still so truth and natural that we like them very much.

Their last two designs showing all the design blogs today as a hot news, are the next representatives of their right design power. Both of them are the brilliant examples of the contemporary use of the pure wood. Osso chair for the Italian family run business Mattiazzi and L’Oiseau sculpture for Vitra are in both cases great examples of the simple and beautifully-shaped design in the big design market. Work of Bouroullec brothers is a perfect symbiosis of the function, beauty and intelligence. Great work!