Last week we reported about the race of classic vintage cars called Sachsen Classic Rally. This week we discovered this amazing newly built replica of one of the most unique classic cars. The BMW 328 Kamm Coupé is a fascinating work of the german company, which designed this one-off for the Mille Miglia race in 1940 in collaboration with Wunibald Kamm and his aerodynamic researches.

The race Mille Miglia in 1941 won the another BMW 328 Coupé with the number 70 piloted by baron Huschke von Hanstein. BMW 328 Kamm Coupé, which had a different unique design than the winner, didn`t finnish the race with the crew of earl Giovanni Lurani Cernuschi a Franco Cortese. Is is quite a mystery, that after the second world war in 1953 this car has disappeared after some owner changes. But now, BMW decided to make a newly replica and give back an atmosphere of speed and elegance of the 1940 Mille Miglia race. So, the Kamm Coupé was built again in collaboration with Meisterschule für Karosserie und Fahrzeugbau in Leipzig and renovator René Grosse from Wusterwitz (Brandenburg), which made for BMW some other replicas ago, too. Groose has to complete a car with the aid of some archive pictures and very limited documentation only. But everything became reality in march 2010, when the BMW 328 Kamm Coupé was presented at Concorso d’Eleganza in the Villa d’Este, Como. Amazing project.