We do not like guns very much, but we admire craft in every form, including guns artistry. When you are hunter, you have to own good riffle. The best ones with the biggest artistry tradition are made in Ferlach. The southernmost town in Austria is famous for its rich tradition of gun making and decorating.

The art of gunmaking in Ferlach dates back to the 16th century. Thanks to the nearby natural resources of iron and timber, water from rivers cascading down the Karawanken mountains and an already well-established workforce of skilled iron- and metalworkers, a weaponmetalworkers, a weapon industry evolved that would soon become world famous

Johann Fanzoj is one of the most famous and oldest companies working in the field of the gun making there. Establisehd in 1790, Johann Fanzoj company makes riffles as a true works of art including very complex and time consuming production from metalwork and woodwork to engraving which presents highlight of this craft. After this creative process, every riffle is its own original.

The Johann Fanzoj heritage of fine gun making is rooted deeply in Austrian hunting tradition where the hunter selects a personal gun, a gun that combines aesthetic beauty with precision, strength and performance. The gun is made to honor both the hunter and the game which he pursues.