Some months ago we have visited this wonderful example of the 1970s French architecture in Paris. This residential building is the rare example of the Jean Balladur`s organic architecture.

Author of the futuristic holiday resorts such as Le port de la Grande-Motte and Port-Camargue, Jean Balladur (1924 - 2002), is the less unknown, but quite important figure of the French postwar modernism. His highly sculptural brutalist work represent architectural optimism of the late European modernism.

This house on Rue Cortambert, which he designed and built in 1973 and 1974 together with the architect, Jean-Bernard Tostivint, is located close to Paris Trocadero and is more intimate and small scale example of his monumental architectural and urbanist visions. Most emblematic one we can see in the south of France in his resort Le port de la Grande-Motte as we said before. There You can find the whole seaside city of his bubble-shaped structures of the hotels, villas and churches.

Parisian house has a concrete facade which is shaped into the series of organic mouldings, as well as nice nice details in the same formal language as we can see at the entrance, for example.