We can not imagine true wood style living without using the ultimate axe. One of the companies that produces extraordinary axes is a Swedish Gränsfors Bruks AB, whose Axe Book you can see at the pictures above.

Since 1902 Gränsfors Bruks AB has produces highly quality axes and crowbars for all various type of work. Swedish family operated company is located on the country-side between Gnarp and Bergsjö in Nordantsig County in northern Sweden and is it one of the companies that have shaped modern Swedish cultural identity. In the Scandinavia, axe is one of the most important tools, which was and still is very important for some people living in the nature, and country-side. Axe is a part of the Swedish national heritage.

Gränsfors Bruks AB helps to preserve this philosophy in the modern world and one of the instruments for it is this Axe Book. Nicely designed brochure about everything around the Gränsfors Bruks AB axes, as well as about right safety using of the axe and some very interesting aspects of the axe culture. In the book you can not find only chapters about history of the company and its philosophy, but also about woodworking, how to make a fire in the nature or about axe throwing, the classic axe sport discipline. Simple drawings illustrate all these chapters and for example you can here find out who were all the axe throwing champions in Sweden since 1989.

Buy one of the Gränsfors Bruks AB axes and get this book too.

Photos by Jaroslav Moravec