We are very fascinated by animals in design these days very much. If yesterday we have documented French 1970s animalism, now we have here true pioneer of surrealist and brutal decoration.

Jean-Charles Moreux (1889–1956) is a unique mind in the 1930s French decorative arts. His surrealist style mixing all the eclectic and classicist features with fantasy and radical modernist philosophy caught eyes of Le Corbusier, Jean Lurçat, Jacques Doucet, baron Robert Rothschild and vicomte Charles de Noailles, among others.

His unique "animal" furniture and interiors include lamps using ancient fossils as a structure, classicist table with the legs in the form of bear paws or bar made out of real elephnat leg. Bizzare and very controversial today, his work was very much adopted by surrealist movement and well as French modernists at the time.