The Čezeta 175, Type 501 light motorcycle, familiarly nicknamed the “Pig” because of its striking “nose” is now one of the icons of the Czech design of the 60’s. The then optimistic aesthetics of round organic shapes and bright colors popular at the turning point of the 50’s and 60’s did not only influence the design of furniture, porcelain, glass or textile, but they also influenced the everyday industrial design, such as motorcycles, radios, television sets, kitchen appliances and many other highly sophisticated products, thanks to which the so-called “Brussels style” of the postwar organic design achieved such an unbelievable popularity and a wide consumer consumption. In this respect the “Pig” which was manufactured by ČZ Strakonice represents one of the most successful products of that period of time. Immediately after its launching in the market in 1957, this light motorcycle, or if you prefer a scooter, became a favorite companion of holiday festivities throughout the former Czechoslovakia. Its design which was inspired by the American streamlined movement, but also by the phenomenal Italian Vespa scooter became an overnight dream for all boys, small or big alike. This icon of the time period on which the girls were able to sit sideways and the gentlemen were shifting the gears by their heel, hitting the specially adapted, cradle-shaped gear lever as not to damage their favorite “Botasky” has been actually also turned to the likeness of a plastic toy or a porcelain figure called Lovers on a Motorcycle. And it is precisely the Botas 66 sneakers, which together with Čezeta 175 motorcycle represent the authentic witness to the design and style of the 60’s culture.
The Anatomy of ČZ exhibition thus introduces for the first time this unique motorcycle, disassembled nearly to the last component. Therefore do not hesitate and take advantage of this unique opportunity to peek under the hood of the brilliantly shaped Čezeta 175 and to discover the world of components, which in its time powered this cult design fad of the Czechoslovak industry.