Made by celebrated French producer of decoration and lighting Maison Charles, this table lamp is a metallic masterpiece.

Maison Charles was founded by Ernest Charles in 1908. First it produced reproductions of antique lighting. During the 1930s, the company continued to produce decorative lightning. However, in 1959 brothers Jean and Jacques Charles took over the company and started to focus on modern design influenced by abstract art, surrealism as well as organic sculpture. Both created the design highlights of the period. The company continues to produce handmade lightning in its workshop in Saint Denis in Paris until today.

The heyday for the company brought 1960s and 1970s. In those years, Jacques Charles designed his famous abstract Orgues series, as well as many biomorphic creations including this Aloes table lamp, which became bestseller for the company. Original model of the lamp you can buy at Art House Hejtmánek up-coming auction at Colloredo-Masfeld palace in Prague at 22 May 2014. More about the lot here.