Osvaldo Borsani (1911 - 1985) is one of the most prolific Italian designers of the last century. In Argentina born Lucio Fontana (1899 - 1968) is on the other hand with his concept of spatialism one of the most important artists of the modern period. Their designs and artworks belong both to the best of the Italian culture of the 20th century. In some works both creators joined their artistic experiences and together they created unique pieces of furniture with strong individualist approach.

Osvaldo Borsani asked Fontana to create some artworks directly on his furniture. From this rare collaboration we present here two interior objects standing literally between design and art. Fontana`s expressionist paintings on a glass are parts of a Sistema E22 shelving system from 1954 and a coffee table created by Borsani in 1955. The outcome of the dialogue between these two artists are functional, as well as very decorative interior pieces, which demonstrate organic style movement of the post war Italian design, which was directly influenced and combined with period fine art.

More interesting collaborations from Osvaldo Borsani and Lucio Fontana in the future.

Photo courtesy of Wright