Only few buildings by Carlo Mollino were built. One of them, Casa Del Sole, we have showed you yesterday. Now we have here one house from the another category. But, fortunately, Casa Capriata will be finished next year after the more than 50 years forgotten in the archives.

In the 10th Triennale of Milan over 50 years ago Carlo Mollino designed imaginary ideal house for mountain of Alpine regions. Called Casa Capriata, the house was published very well, but never built. In 2008 was established initiative for this house and its real construction. Now, the chalet in Weissmatten, Gressoney Saint Jean, Italy, is almost finish. The project is supported by Politecnico di Torino - Department of Architectural and Industrial Design and OAT (Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of the Province of Turin).

The design of the triangular-shaped chalet with supporting Y-shaped pillars is the typical example of Mollino`s architectural attitude. The designer and architect was influenced by traditional mountain architecture and after the second world war he tried to develop new architectural style for the mountain regions. The newly built Casa Capriata will be great Mollino`s architectural testament in this context.