For exhibition called 120 x 120, which was held at Botas 66 Gallery in February 2010 we created special “curated postcards”. Brief of a exhibition was to create something in size of 120 x 120 mm to put into plastic box from compact disc. So we create cards of three themes: Op-art inspiration, Brazilian Silhouette and Vintage Rally. To every theme we made graphic motif cut into paper by laser. Our aim was to create visually interesting pieces, but also with curated and theoretical qualities. To every image is added also small text about motif on it.
Op-art inspiration presents one card with abstract picture inspired by classics of op-art movement.
Brazilian Silhouette presents two cards with two silhouettes of chairs from 1950s brazilian design. Designers of chairs are Martin Eisler and Carlo Hauner. Both chairs have very strong shape qualities.
Vintage Rally presents two cards with motifs from classic rally competition of 1960s and 1970s. The first is advertising on legendary Bell helmet and the second is Mercedes 230 SL famous for its rally history.