We have commissioned Czech photographer Hynek Alt to create these photos of glass objects within the historical environment of the Pillnitz Palace for the catalogue of Manifesto exhibition presenting students of Glass Studio of UMPRUM at Kunstgewerbemuseum in Pillnitz.

Designed by Belgian Modernist Renaat Braem for the Haentjens showroom in Antwerp in 1952, this biomorphic desk is the celebration of organic sculptural design form as Italian designers such as Carlo Mollino did in the same period.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Fourtin Gallerie

We came to Kunstgewerbemuseum in Pillnitz again. This time with the Manifesto exhibition presenting work of students from The Studio of Glass at UMPRUM in Prague.

The Studio of Glass at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), led by the head of the studio, Rony Plesl and assistant professor Klára Horáčková, is summarising its recent creative results and presenting a selection of the work of its students and graduates as a sample of what glass in its varied forms, functions and meanings can be today.

The exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum in Pillnitz demonstrates an open artistic approach based on creative thinking, which the Studio of Glass has formulated in cooperation with the Okolo creative group in a publication of the same name. The objects are presented next to a few ideas and general mottos on glass conceived by Rony Plesl, requesting interdisciplinary collaboration and wide-ranging artistic knowledge. The exhibition concept opens new horizons and jointly presents the liberal environment of the studio, which seeks various creative and theoretical ways of understanding glass, its essence, manufacturing and design.

René Coulon, Lamp and Radiator for Saint Gobain, 1937
René Coulon, Lamp and Radiator for Saint Gobain, 1937
Maison Desny, Lamp, 1930s.
Maison Desny, Lamp, 1930s.
Jacques Chevalier, Lamp, 1930s
Jacques Chevalier, Lamp, 1930s

We are very excited by the Bright Rays collection of lamps designed by Fabien Cappello for Paris-based Torri gallery.

Made of toughened glass and perforated metal, the collection is a series of intimate table luminous sculptures with the strong abstract and constructivist appearance. The French 1930s avant-garde works of Maison Desny, René Coulon or Jacques Chevalier meet little bit of Postmodern in this beautiful contemporary fresh update.

During four days in December we hosted the very first public presentation of the European Design Stories project. The exhibition 1. Work in Progress was held within the international festival of contemporary design in Prague – designSUPERMARKET.

In 2015, the team of European Design Stories crossed several European countries and visited workshops and studios of more than 25 designers. We travelled to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Germany to offer you a sneak-peek behind the scenes of many successful products and projects.

We weren’t stopped by crooked roads, nor temperature records that were broken this summer in Europe. We have been bringing loads of material and insights that are currently being shaped into texts, interviews, photography essays and short films.

Through a multimedia mosaic, the exhibition 1. Work in Progress shows the backstage of our project and subjects that are being developed. Design is presented here not only as the finished products, but the powerful stories, knowledge and context behind them.

Exhibition concept: OKOLO
Exhibtion design: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera
Exhibition contributors: Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss, Adam Štěch, Tomáš Souček, Jan Rybák, Darina Zavadilová
Archives of OKOLO and presented designers

December 10 – 13, 2015
Kafkův dům
Nám. Franze Kafky 3, Prague 1
Czech Republic

Designed by Vinicio Vecchi (1923-2007) in 1961, Principe cinema in Modena dynamises forms and lines of the Italian Modernism in expressive application of angles, materials and construction features.

Designed by architect Raúl Rodrigues Lima between 1937 - 1938, Cinearte building is one of the most beautiful structure, fusing Art-Deco and Modernist influences, in Lisboa, Portugal.

We are inviting you to see our first exhibition dedicated to European Design Stories project which will be held at designSUPERMARKET festival in December in Prague.

The show will present our documentation from the previous months when we went to Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Slovenia.